Streamline Literature Reviews with Paper QA and Zotero

Paper QA is a Python package that uses ChatGPT to perform Q&A and summarization based on scholarly articles. When combining it with pyZotero, we can streamline literature reviews based on one's Zotero library.

Review of Project DEBBIE - Biomaterials Ontology and Database

DEBBIE is an open-access biomaterials research database, generated through automated curation from scientific literature. This article provides an overview of its software components, with a special focus on the role of ontology.

Explore LangChain AI Support for Knowledge Graph

The LangChain AI support for graph data is incredibly exciting, though it is currently somewhat rudimentary. It provides us the ability to transform knowledge into semantic triples and use them for downstream LLM tasks. To unlock its full potential, I believe we still need the ability to integrate with external knowledge graphs.