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I am Fan Li, a materials chemist, data scientist and software engineer. I am the founder of Apex 974, a consulting service to build knowledge systems and AI solutions for R&D. With over 20 year experience, I know how to help R&D scientists and engineers.

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NiFi 2 Python Extensions - First Impressions

A brief overview of the new NiFi 2 Python Extensions. The ability to use Python's rich ecosystem of libraries and tools within NiFi is a game-changer, especially for complex data manipulation, machine learning, and AI tasks.

Why Enterprise Should Embrace Generative AI

As Generative AI continues its upward trajectory, it presents a golden opportunity for enterprises. By understanding its potential, addressing concerns through informed strategies, and being open to embracing risks responsibly, visionary enterprise can unlock new opportunities, drive innovation, and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive business landscape.
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