Fan Li (he/him/his)

I am the founder and principal of Apex 974 LLC. My passion is to build innovative and pragmatic R&D digital solutions.

I have an academic background is in Chemistry (Ph.D.) and Computer Sciences (M.S.). I have also spent over a decade in DuPont, where I started as a research chemist and later became the first data scientist in corporate R&D.

Due to active, industry-wide merger&acquisition, I have had the privilege to work with diverse teams from DuPont, Dow Chemical, Rohm & Hass, FMC, Chemours, Corteva and others.

I can help if you are looking for someone:

  • Who understands chemistry/material sciences and can speak R&D language.
  • Who knows how to effectively partner with corporate IT.
  • Who has extensive hands-on experience in developing R&D digital solutions.

Contact me

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